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1. Air comprssor with engine (DBV-0.25/8A)
Model:DBV-0.25/8A  Power:(5.5HP) Air flow F.A.D:366L/min(12.9C.F.M) Speed(r.p.m):1200 Tank:50L(13.2GAL) Max.Pressure:8bar(115psi) Packing Measurement(mm):1100*550*750 Weight(Kg):75
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2. Air comprssor with engine (DBV-0.25/8)
Model:DBV-0.25/8A  Power:(5.5HP) Air flow F.A.D:366L/min(12.9C.F.M) Speed(r.p.m):1200 Tank:40L(10.6GAL) Max.Pressure:8bar(115psi) Packing Measurement(mm):930*400*780 Weight(Kg):75
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3. Air comprssor with engine (DBZ-0.17/8)
Model:DBZ-0.17/8 Power:(5.5HP) Air flow F.A.D:225L/min(7.9C.F.M) Speed(r.p.m):1200 Tank:50L(13.2GAL) Max.Pressure:8bar(115psi) Packing Measurement(mm):930*400*780 Weight(Kg):68
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4. Air comprssor with engine (DBV-1.05/12.5)

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